Industrial lifting in Paris

An important industrial lifting project built in Paris, in the heart of France.

As part of this contract, Manieri Massimo Automazioni took care of the hardware and software design, including the construction and integration of electrical panels, allowing the operation of an impressive industrial lifting system.

All this was made possible thanks to the synchronization of two winches of 20 tons each, for a total of 40 tons of lifting.

The management system, in addition to the excellent operation of the crane, also offers diagnostics and monitoring of all operating equipment, both locally via touch screen, and remotely from the offices of our offices.

After an excellent test, the installation of a second system identical to the first followed. Both are currently working at a company in Paris for the manipulation of segments suitable for the construction of tunnels.

The project was made possible thanks to the synergy between Manieri Massimo Automazioni and our customer, SAMO Engineering & Service, a leading company in the construction of lifting systems for large works.


Construction date: December 2017
Location: France, Paris
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