Industrial lifting in Milan

A sophisticated electrical system, with an important software component, for the management of an industrial lifting system.

Also in this order Manieri Massimo Automazioni is involved in the hardware design, with the construction and integration of the electrical panel. Thanks to a sophisticated management system of two PLCs in the master / slave network located between the bridge and the gantry that controls, synchronizes and monitors all the movement and control parts of the machine, it was possible to reduce the machine wiring.

In this case, the two lifting winches are 80 + 80 tons each for a total of 160 tons, connected to a single block of 1.6 tons.

The test was passed excellently, with a misalignment close to zero.


The project was made possible thanks to the synergy between Manieri Massimo Automazioni and our customer, SAMO Engineering & amp; Service, a leading company in the production of lifting systems for large works


Construction date: April 2018
Location: Italy, Milan
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