Behind every successful business idea there are fundamental values ​​that make success itself possible. On a professional level, Manieri Massimo Automazioni strongly believes in the principles of quality, dynamism and proactive capacity, transparency, reliability and safety.

Manieri Massimo Automazioni was founded in 1979 by the will of Manieri Massimo, founder and current owner of the company.

His passion for the world of automation, together with the desire to build a relevant entrepreneurial reality, led him to lead Manieri Massimo Automazioni towards significant growth.

Being able to count on important professional figures, the company now has a valuable know-how which is the basis of its competitiveness.

Specialized in the design and construction of electrical panels, Manieri Massimo Automazioni offers a variety of services and is one of the most solid companies in the industrial automation sector.



Our foundation

It was the year 1979 when Manieri Massimo, driven by his passion for the electrical sector, decided to found the company.

The way of automation

Around the mid-1980s, Manieri Massimo decided to go straight on the path of industrial automation, starting to train the first specialized technicians who are still the cornerstone of our reality.

Electrical panels

The path of industrial automation leads us to organize an internal production of electrical panels. Thus, important partnerships began to be established with various sectors which, thanks to the push of automation, are the protagonists of an impetuous growth.

Systems integration and wiring on-board machines

Being able to count on high-level professional figures, the company begins to offer itself as a system integrator and begins to carry out daily work on board the machine. The design area and the sales office are also being strengthened to offer support and assistance to their customers.


The company also invests in the direction of video surveillance and anti-theft systems, proposing itself as an accredited partner for the creation of systems, even complex ones, for the protection of companies and homes, with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Serra De' Conti Operational Headquarter

The significant increase in work and the need to have an efficient operational headquarters pushed Manieri Massimo to transfer the company to Serra De ‘Conti. Here the headquarters is created, which houses the commercial and technical offices, the warehouse and the production laboratory.

Industry 4.0

Manieri Massimo carefully analyzes the decisions of the Italian government in the field of industrial automation and decides to train the staff to be able to design and implement technological solutions that fall within the canons of Industry 4.0.